Ranges of e- liquids with incredible flavors

Berries, blond tobacco, coconut, iced mint, Coca-cola or green tea, the choice of vapor that you inhale is the limits of the imagination. Every choice is a world to discover, and forget the very principle of vapotage, namely to replace tobacco. Here there is a good new pleasure.

A selection of fruit, sugar and tobacco.

Each bottle offers a new pleasure still unknown. A bit like front the glacier and dozens of bins ice cream sweet, the seller expects you to point, greedy bottles that make you feel like it.

Fruit? Coconut flavor, strawberry, lemon, melon, watermelon, litchi or blackberry.

Sweets? Frangipane, chocolate, caramel or strawberry Tagada.

Drinks that you like? Whiskey, Coca- Cola, Pina Colada and Rum.

These flavors or tobacco brand or flavor that will remind you with the light fragrance of your past cigarettes.

And if you remixing the latest these perfumes?

Perfume – Litchic. Well the mix that definitely differentiates tobacco electronic cigarette. Like your taste apple and want to add a touch of icy mint ? Indulge all fluids are compatible. It will be according to your desires.

Each vapoteur has some bottles of liquids to different flavors, but also several clearomiseurs to prepare in advance the small potions that please him. Electronic cigarette, are already known for their virtues help to stop smoking, is also a true olfactory and gustatory pleasure, for vapoteur, as their entourage.

E-liquids flavors dosage rate of nicotine withdrawal

The various strengths of nicotine available in the e- liquid:

Choosing E- liquideAfin ensure a transition to the electronic cigarette without cravings and as pleasant as possible, we must pay particular attention to the choice of e- liquid . These are vials which contain nicotine, it is mixed with the vegetable glycerine and / or propylene glycol which allow the passage in the form of steam, and are not very safe . Nicotine is an addictive agent, the body gets used to it very quickly and as soon as he misses , he does know with violence, which turns into nervousness, irritation and other symptoms that we know . If regular cigarettes offer all assays nicotinic more or less the same, the e-liquid they offer a wider variety of dosage.

Assays that are offered in the shop are , 0 mg nicotine (that is to say , no addictive agent), 6 mg nicotine , 12 mg or 18mg . These assays are amply sufficient to cover all types of consumption of ordinary cigarettes, smokers to very heavy smokers who use more than one package by regular day. You ‘ll easily find a dosage is to replace your usual consumption of nicotine in cigarettes.

The different e- liquid flavors available

Those new electronic cigarette to replace regular cigarettes tend to prefer tobacco flavors . There are several kinds of tobacco flavors that are stronger or weaker depending on what you usually smoke.

However,these are offered , you also have at your disposal flavored e- liquid flavors of the original , which is not found in ordinary cigarettes, fruity or sweet flavors.